Get successful with Indicators

A true Story!

Successful vs Unsuccessful

Traders that find value in indicators:

  • They know that no indicator is perfect and cannot be followed blindly. Indicators are used to find confluence and to confirm your trade idea/analysis.
  • They see indicators as a tool that can help to identify market patterns, Trends, etc.
  • They do the hard work by analyzing the market before entering into a trade.
  • They have a clear strategy and risk management process in place that they follow.
  • They know that they don't gonna get rich on the next 10 trades, they think long-term.
  • They take their losses and move on to the next trade.
  • They have developed the right mindset and attitude.

Traders that Don't find value in indicators:

  • You think that an indicator can predict a Top / Bottom or a Trend perfectly every time in any market conditions and timeframes.
  • You think that indicators work for you and that you can follow them blindly.
  • You think that you can trade successfully without analyzing the market.
  • You don't have a clear strategy in place or are not willing to find one.
  • You don't have a proper risk management plan.
  • You think that you're going to be rich on the next 10 trades.
  • You don't have the fundamental knowledge about trading, such as, Support/Resistance, psychological levels, Breakouts, Trend, Trendlines, Price action, Stop loss, Target, etc.
You have to do the hard work to get successful.
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