Get Consistent Results

It's about what we focus on and being consistent with our actions!


Everybody wants consistent results but nobody wants to be consistent with their actions. For consistent output, you need consistent input

What I (Zeiierman) do

This is why I personally only focus on a few things and ignore the rest. I want to be able to be consistent in my actions and always know what I'm doing.


What I have seen during these years is that the ones that stick to one strategy outperformance the ones that jump around and try to find the holy grail. If you have a strategy and 1 or 2 indicators you like, focus on these and do learn it by heart.
Do not give up if you have a losing streak.. you have to trust the process and become consistent in the strategy. It's not about the next 10 trades, it's about the 1000 trades you gonna execute during the next 12 months that make the difference.
If you constantly change indicators/strategies, you never gonna find what truly works for you, at some point you have to start to narrow down your focus and refine that edge.
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