I will show you some of the examples and excellent trade setup with high accuracy. These Type of setup occurs in the market often.


Gold is my most favorite asset to trade and around 70% of my day trades are on gold. the best thing is that we can either scalp or swing with Gold and still would be able to make above 20% return monthly. Often for the retailers, gold is their Achilles heel. Exclusive in my coaching, I will reveal some of the best gold trades that will give a tremendous edge in the market.
Notice the following examples, whether you want to scalp or swing, either way is fine.
XAUUSD Short Trade Example
The above illustration depicts one of my gold setups. Have you noticed the entry accuracy? Yes, the entry will be at the very candle at those arrows. Let's say you have difficulties finding these types of setups, no worries, our non-repainting tool got you covered.

Currency Trading

Nope! This is not your typical support or resistance line breakout
I trade with Institutional sentiment. Today, above 80% of all trades are executed by algorithms. Institutions ensure the market liquidity and adequate flow of the money supply in the economy. Market is not random, economy is running by sophisticated algorithms and central government is monitoring the liquidity providers or commercial banks, everything is interconnected. If your mentor tells this is because price comes to this level, breaks and now the level turns into support, your mentor are learning form youtubers or from retailers. As simple as that.
The levels you see, I drew it 2 weeks ago and when price reaches, initially it shows reaction and when it breaks above, it stays bullish for a long period. I didn't mention break or retest.
Long Example AUDJPY
Onsen Institutional Algo is dedicated to find those levels automatically!
I am going to show you another example that occurs in the currency market all the time.
weekly reversal example
This setup I personally use it all the time to detect weekly reversal. Our Onsen FX Algo will detect this EXACT reversal area in the most currency pairs in every single week. It sounds too good to be true, I give an invitation to the Zeiierman currency trading room and assure by yourself. If your mentor can't predict this level of precision, then it's a pity!
Have you noticed that I don't draw SnR, Channel or anything nonsense. This is because I follow the institutional sentiment not retailers sentiment. All those price levels will print automatically.
These are some of the examples, and I will reveal more examples and Applied strategies that I have developed for Cryptos, Forex, CFDs and Index market.
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