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Onsen's Trading Program/Mentorship

Hello Traders,
Welcome to Zeiierman Trading and showing interest in my coaching. We appreciate your time and dedication to our community. Needless to say, we always ensure the quality of our indicators and continuously improve our service. Recently, we have commenced our funded trading program, where I will be coaching and guiding you to become an efficient and skilled trader. As your mentor, I am fully committed to delivering my knowledge and sharing my own way of trading. I have formal education in economics at the post-graduation level, thus, economic and institutional fundamentals will play a vital role in my trading.
I have been trading for a few years actively with different assets and now taking it as a full-time profession. I invested a tremendous amount of time to study the largest capital markets around the world and was actively involved in those markets. Those who joined the Zeiierman community, have already realized that I’m not your typical technical analyst. I trade based on institutional sentiment. Notwithstanding, there is no compromise in precision and accuracy in my style of trading.
Furthermore, I like to keep my profile very low and continuously improve myself at a professional level and most importantly as a human being. Finally, this learning process will be focusing on the –“applied strategies”. I will unfold the market makers' sentiment and will combine it with our indicators to make better decisions in the financial market.
Hasan Onsen


The purpose of this mentorship is to guide you to become a better trader for Forex, Gold, currency, futures, or anything that fits in your trading criteria. With time and dedication, you will gradually become a professional trader or will be able to manage funds (prop firms). This program is very effective because in the first phase you will learn the core concept of Institutional money flow and their application (trade setup) or applied strategies that I have personally developed using our indicators.

Tentative modules (Phase 1)

  1. 1.
    Introduction: Price Imbalance, OB, Concept of Liquidity
  2. 2.
    Currency Futures Volume
  3. 3.
    Mean Volatility Forwarder
  4. 4.
    Key Levels + Onsen FX: OP, ADR, AWR, AMR, WH/L, DH/L, MH/L
  5. 5.
    Volume Profile
  6. 6.
    Commercial Hedging
  7. 7.
    Economic Fundamentals: IR, NFP, GDP, Unemployment rate, CPI/Inflation
  8. 8.
    Seasonal Hedging
  9. 9.
    Technical Analysis: Candlestick pattern, Chart Pattern {only discussing high probable patterns}
  10. 10.
    Market Momentum, Price Demands, Fractional Disparity, Bond Market and Relationship to Index

Applied Strategies (Phase 2)

  • Trade set up 1: DOB, MOB (Position trading), Z-Mean
  • Trade set up 2: expansion, pullback, reversal, ranging, ATR+PSAR & ADR
  • Trade set up 3: London & NY reversal
  • Trade set up 4: Weekly reversal
  • Trade set up 5: Swing pattern
  • Trade set up 6: Crypto scalping and swing
  • Trade set up 7: Gold mining
Traders are advised to know the basic concepts of the market and economic aspects. Most importantly, as a mentee, you will be required to submit your assignments and participate in the sessions.
I will be adding more models as we learn and move forward.

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